Samoohika Vishnu Sahasranama Patana and Gopala Krishna Pooja

  • 9th September-: At 9.15 AM, 1001 devotees had gathered to chant Sri Vishnu Sahasranama in unison.
    Phala, Pushpa & an oil-lamp(divli) have been given in prasada roopa to all those who participated in the event. It was followed by Brahmana-Santharpane.
  • At 15.30 hours(3.30 PM), more than 5 buses were arranged to take the devotees from temple to the newly constructed  Goshala. Vanamahotsava was celebrated in a small scale here. Then, a calf which took birth at 00.00 hours(12.00 AM) on the auspicious day of Krishna -Ashtami was named “Govinda” at the namakarana ceremony. The other events continued till 19.45 hours (7.45 PM).
    The day has been a GRAND SUCCESS because of the grace of Chappara Shreenivasa.
  • 6th September- 9th September: At 6.30 PM, Vidya Vachaspathi Sri Bannanje Govindaacharya has been invited to narrate the harikatha about the 24 incarnations of the Lord in Srimath Bhaagavatha.
  • 10th September-11th September: Dr. Pavan Bhat from Hubli has been invited to educate the devotees about the “Adhika Maasa Phala”
  • 16th September: Laghu Vishnu Havana

Devotees are requested to participate in all these auspicious events arranged in this Adhika Maasa and thereby be a part of the reserved blessings of Chappara Shrinivasa, Sri Padutirupatheesha.

||Yathra Yogeshwaraha Krishno, Yathra Partho Dhanurdharaha||

||Thathra Shreervijayo Bhoothihi Dhruva Neethirmathirmama||

||Karmanye Vaadhikaarasthe, maa phaleshu kadaachana||

                                                                                ||Hare Srinivasa||                                                                                    

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