Lakshadeepothsava..Amgele dhanyale Karthik punnav


 || Shree Venkatesham Aathi Sundara Mohanaangam

Sri Bhoosametham Aravinda-Dalaayathaaksham|

 Pranapriyam Paramakaarunikaamburaashim

 Brahmeshavandyam Amritham Varadam Ramaayaaha ||

Brahmotsava is very popular in Tirupathi, Prathista Poornima in Mulki, Shashti in Manjeshwara. Similarly, the word “Laksha Deepotsava” clicks Padutirupathi-Karkala’s picture in everybody’s mind. In Karthika Maasa, on the day of Shuddha Dwaadashi, the rituals of Deepotsava meet their start. It is called Katte puja. On the night of Dwaadashi, The Lord, rather Utsava Murthy, Venkataramana receives the puja and offerings at the Tulasi of various devotees. The various utsavas held on the subsequent days are as follows-

  • Thrayoodashi- Belli Mantapa Utsava
  • Vaikunta Chaturdashi- Hanumantha Vahana Utsava
  • Hunnime- Garuda Vahana Utsava
  • Karthika-Bahula-Prathipath-Garuda Vahana Leelotsava, and Keredeepa (Talai Divvo) is carried over at Shesha Theertha.
  • Bidige-Belli Hanumantha Vahana Utsava
  • Thadige- Sheshavaahana Utsava
  • Chaturthi- Garuda Vahana Utsava and Keredeepa


 It is the day of Panchami when the entire Karkala would be awaiting with bated breath to participate and experience the auspicious Laksha Deepa. This is the first day on which Lord Srinivasa will be getting up from his simhasana unlike Utsava Murthy Venkataramana.  On this day, Lord Srinivasa and Venkataramana will be taken to Vana. Harivana Naivedya, Maha Naivedya, Panchamritha Abhisheka, Maha Mangalarathi and various other rituals will be carried out there.


Thousands of devotees from various parts come down to Padutirupathi for having the darshana of the twin-Gods. Vana-Bhojana follows this. After completing all these programmes, the twin-Gods are brought to Manna Gopura which is at the heart of the city. It is said that Lord Srinivasa and Lord Venkataramana will be at their ultimate happiness at this point of time, at this place. The devotees flock in numbers together to be a part of His reserved blessings.  After the darshana, Deevtige Salaam takes place. Then, Lord Srinivasa and Lord Venkataramana are brought in the Chariot and Pallanki respectively. Venkatramana sits and receives seva from the devotees  in every chariot erected for every good-approximately-300 steps. It will be dawn when they reach the temple and then are taken to Veeramaruthi Temple. After accomplishing the puja there, they are taken to Shesha Theertha for Katte Puja. This is followed by the routine seva of taking 5 rounds in the outer quadrangle of the temple and then, Mangalarathi. The day gets accomplished with this.

Laksha Deepotsava is one such Event wherein evrey devotee comes with an intention to serve Lord immensely. It is actually the same every year, but, different when you experience it every time. The memories of this big day form an indelible imprint in the minds of every devotee. The memories long last..atleast till the next Karthik Punnav.

The beauty of the event and the pleasure derived out of it cannot really be caught and chained up in words. It seems like straining the mesmerizing event in bare-cold-blooded language. However, this was an attempt to at least give a fair idea of the same. The real joy is in experiencing it in person.

We wish that The Lord Chappara Srinivasa will give opportunity to every interested person to offer service at his Lotus Feet  to the best of strength and thus, be a part of his reserved blessings.

||Akhila Vibhudavandyam Vishwaroopam Suresham

Abhayavarada Hastham Pankajaaksham Ramesham

 Jaladhara Nibhakaanthim Shree Maheebhyam Sametham

Paramapurushamaadyam Venkatesham Namaami ||

||Hare Srinivasa|| || Hare Venkatesha||

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