One special thing of Sri Venkataramana Temple is that the devotees will not get to see any Seva List or Seva boards inside the temple. Devotees may perform certain
Nityapujas being held from morning to night as well as uthsavas, Bhrahmana santharpanes etc. Actual expenses incurred and daksina payable to vaidiks will have to be borne by Sevadars. Seva that may be performed in temple are as follows:

List of Sevas
1. Udayasthamana Seva
2. Pulakabisheka Seva
3. Panchamrathabisheka(except on ‘ekadashi’)
4. Madhyana Sahastra Namarchana
5. Ratri Pooja,Hoovina Pooje
6. Vasantha Pooja(only during vasantha Ruthu)
7. Brahman Santarpana Seva
8. Samaradana(Bhoori Bhojana) Seva

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