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|| Sri Venkateshaya Namaha || || Sri Srinivasaya Namaha ||

“Hattu Avathaaragalanu etthi matthe Sheshadgiriyali

Bhakthariccheya salahu Karunadi Nithya Karkala Puradali”

“Kalyanadbutha Gathraya Kamithartha Pradayine

Srimad Venkatanathaya Srinivasayathe Namaha”

About the temple:

Sri Venkatramana Temple,Karkala is one of the ancient temples belonging to Gowda Saraswath Brahmin community,which has a history of over 550 years. The temple is built in a traditional style which attracts the visitors and is at a distance of 50Km from Mangalore. Sri Venkatramana temple is popularly known as  ‘Padutirupati’. As the name itself signifies ‘Padu’ means west in Kannada. The rites and the rituals performed at this temple are similar to those of ‘Tirumala’.

The blessedness and the glory of Lord Srinivasa and Lord Venkataramana of Karkala are beyond expression. The resilient belief says that prayers offered with devotion standing inside the Garuda Mantapa are always full filled by the Lord. Every devotee has his own reminiscence of His grace that has protected them at the time of need. To the devotee of Lord Shree Venkataramana, He is their Master and the Savior. A profound expression as “AMGELO DEVU” (Our god) springs out from the bottom of the heart of every devotee of Lord Shree Venkataramana because of one’s staunch faith in him.

The temple has always encouraged the the academic, social, cultural and religious activities for the benefit of the people of Karkala and outside. In a visionary act, 100 years ago, the board of trustees of the temple started women’s education in Karkala in the name of Lord. In the pursuit of its academic and social causes, the temple has supported Sri Bhuvanendra College, Karkala, Shree Venkataramana Goshala Trust(R), Vatsalya Seva Trust(R)(Old age Home) and Super Specialty Hospital by giving them acres of valuable land belonging to the temple on lease.

In the last one hundred years, so many ever memorable historic events have taken place here beyond one’s imagination. They speak volumes about the eminence and glory of the lord and the “Kshetra”.

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