Nidhi Kalasha Programmes

06-June-2015: Saturday- Jyeshta Bahula Chauthi

Prarthana at 7.00 hours.

HHH Srimath Sayamindra Theertha Swamiji’s arrival at Karkala

Bhu varaha Homa, Vasthu Homa, Vasthu Bali, Brahmana Pooja

17.00 Hours (5 PM)- Shobhayatra Sri Padmavathi temple with all the holy elements to be inculcated in the Nidhi Kalasha

Corresponding Homas and the samskara of Nidhi kalasha elements.


07-June-2015: Sunday- Jyeshta Bahula Panchami

Prarthana at 6.00 hours.

At 10.47 hours in Karkataka Lagna, installation of Nidhi Kalasha by HHH Srimath Sayamindra Theertha Swamiji.


We request everybody to join us in this divine function and be a part in getting Dhani’s reserved blessings

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