Jeernoddhara Programmes

As per the guidance of Parama poojya Guruvarya HHH Sudhindra theertha Swamiji and directions given by Lord Kala Bhairava during deva darshana seva, The following events have been planned in respect of Jeernoddhara

Balalaya Prathiste:

The next milestone towards much awaited Jeernoddhara of our temple is the event when the Lord enters Balalaya from the Sactum Sanctorum. This auspicious event is scheduled to be on 11-May-2015

Installation of Nidhi Kalasha:

Further, June 7th is the day when the holy event of installation of precious Nidhi Kalasha in the Garbha Gruha will be done. In view of this, Kanike is being collected as per the direction of Kala Bhairava during Deva Darshana seve. The Nidhi Kalasha Kanike Hundi will be kept at “Garuda Mantapa” only in the noon, soon after the Maha Nivedya and till the closure of the temple after Madhyana Pooja. Kanike for Nidhi Kalasha will be collected till 04-05-2015, the day of Vaishaka Poornima. The valuables offered in this regard will be converted to pure Gold and will be kept in the Nidhi Kalasha during its installation. Therefore, the devotees are requested to devote their efforts in the form of Kanika to the best of their strength and attain the blessings of the Lord.

Punar Prathiste:

The day, which every devotee has been fore seeing with bated breath is the 1st day of May 2016, The auspicious day of Punar Prathistha. With Grand celebrations, Dhani would enter the holy premises of the renovated temple on this day.

Devotees residing out of town can plan their visit accordingly and join us in Dhani’s seva.

Details about karaseve and other programmes will be updated in the upcoming posts.

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