Karkala is situated at the west while Tirupathi is in the eastern side of south India. ‘Padu’ means ‘west’. So, the place in the west which is equivalent to Tirupathi in its holiness and whose rituals followed match the ones in Tirupathi, is called ‘Padutirupathi’. A brief comparison drawn between the two holy places, Karkala and Tirupathi goes like this:

  • In Tirupathi and Karkala, in the dawn, the Lord is woken up by Dwara Puja which follows the Suprabhatam(Click here to have a look- https://padutirupathi.in/suprabath/ ). None other cities except Karkala and Tirupathi have this tradition. The devotees sing the Suprabhatam in unison in utmost devotion and submit them to the lotus feet of Lord Sri Venkataramana.


  • During Madhyahna puja, the holy things like Chatra(Umbrella), Chamara, Vyajana(Hand-fan), Darpana(Mirror) are used in Tirupathi and Karkala.

  • At night, after mahapuja, ‘Ekantha Seva’ is offered to lord in all temples. But, only in Karkala and Tirupathi, a cradle is tied wherein the items required for ‘Ekantha seva’ like fruits, etc are kept and ‘Uyyale seva’ is offered. Then after aarti, Ksheera Kashaya (Aromatic milk) is distributed among the devotees.

  • Both of these holy places offer a seva called ‘Harivana Naivedyam’. Here, fragrant rice, ghee roti, etc are offered to Lord, followed by fragrant items like ‘Tamboola'(Betel leaves), Betel nuts, cloves, Kesar, etc.

  • In Tirupathi, in Moola Narayanadri, we can find the Charana(feet) of Lord. This is believed to be the place where Lord Srinivasa had first landed on Kaliyug. Similarly only in Karkala, we have Charana of Lord to which all ‘Naivedya’ and others offerings are given.

  • In Tirupathi, in the Swarna Gopura(Golden tower) of Lord, we find ‘Vimana Venkatesha’ facing north. Devotees flow in flocks to stand on the rock below to have the darshana of Vimana Venkatesha, believing him to fulfill all their dreams and desires. In Karkala, Lord Venkataramana himself is Uttarabhimukha(facing north). Thus the wishes of all devotees who pray with a sincere heart and who surrender themselves to his lotus feet are sure to have their dreams and wishes fulfilled by procuring the special and reserved blessings of Lord Sri Venkataramana.




    i really liked this SUPRA-BATH can you also send me Kannada so that it will be es yer for old people like me

  • santhosh

    wow nice information,one more GSB temple called shri tirumala venkatarama swamy in bantwal near manglore has also very unique customs.its also said that the lord of the seven hills himself came to this place,wonderfull

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