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Sri Veera Maruti Temple Karkala:

Veera maruthi

Right in front of Lord Venkatramana’s temple, there is a temple of Lord Hanuman. The statue of the temple deity rises over 15 feet and this carved figure of Maruthi is different from his other statues as here he is depicted in flying posture. According to the legends, when the land near a place called Annekere (in Karkala) was being dug, the statue was found deep in the place. History has it that Tippu Sultan was a great devotee of Lord Hanuman of this temple. He had presented an ornament made of silver to the Lord, which can be found even to this day around the neck of the deity.

Kalabhaiarava Gudi

Padhmavathi Temple:


3 comments to Other Temples

  • N.C.Prabhu

    Thanks for including Sri Veera Maruthi Temple and details. However, it would be useful to devotees if you can add the Sevas that can be offered at Sri Veera Martuthi Temple too.

  • Really Great work and all people know these details by a click mail/web. I never before see some events in said Temple. Now i saw by your work (web). Please upload more information about Jatra and Rathostsava.. and also i hear that there is one most popular Bajana team, Please introduce that This is my request.I observed that here no mention about Ramasamudra….why? I think that was a most important river.

  • P.R.Shenoy

    Great Seva. You are really blessed by our beloved Lords. May Lords continue to take your sevas and Keep you going….

    Can you pl. provide important events for the month & next month, so that people like us who are physically staying in far away places ( by heart we stay in the precincts of the Lords ) if feel like attending the occassion can do so.

    Deva Srinivasa, Venkataramana, Mahalakshmi Sarvankadunu tumgeli seva gheyyati.

    Srinivas Charanarvindakke Govinda… Govinda …………

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