Mahima of Dhani on Garuda

In Dashana seva, Kalabhairava said that Garuda, Lord’s vahana prays aharnisha to Lord to be seated on him. Thus Lord’s Pooja on the day before Punar prathishta was set to be on Garuda. It was the morning of the day before punar prathishta. The outer corridor of temple was flocking with many hundreds of devotees. Lord was in Baalaalaya. After morning rituals, in the holy presence of Sri Samyameendra Thirtha Swami of Kashi mutt, it was the time for His vahana Pooja on Garuda vahana. The Garuda vahana was placed on chandrasala. All devotees present there were eagerly waiting to see the divine mangala aarthi of Lord on His Garuda Vahana. The Lord then was seated on vaahana. Kala Bhairava was also present there to monitor the divine ritual. The alankaara to God was very beautifully made.  It was as if the Lord himself was infront of us in His real form. The entire precinct was witnessing the sacredness. Aarthi was being performed by Swami. The hearts of devotees were filled with utmost devotion and love for Lord. Kala bhairava was telling that Garuda is very happy for his prayers being answered by Lord. The Lord was also in His ecstasy. This became evident when the Tulasi mala worn by Him fell down on his right side. The eyes which caught this moment are truly blessed. The moment has left an indelible imprint in our minds. The thought of that moment even today makes us feel Him and His grace more and even more.

This silver Garuda vahana was obtained in the year 1906 AD from Tirumala Tirupathi temple. During the Ramadandu of 1901 AD, the Mahant of Tirupathi came up to the group of people from Karkala to present a large Chatra and silk Peetambara as per temple tradition. As instructed by Kalabhairava, moktesars requested for a silver Garuda vahana resembling the one in Tirupathi, to which the Mahant straight away refused. But the next morning, Mahant came up and said that the Lord who came in his dreams has instructed him to construct the Garuda Vahana. Thereby, the silver garuda vahana was presented to us in 1906 AD.

||Narayana Evedam Sarvam, Yath bhootham yath cha bhavyam|


Shuddho deva Eko Narayanaha, Na dwitheeyo asthi kashchith|

Sa Vishnureva bhavathi sa Vishnureva bhavathi||

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