Maanasika Pooja

In this period of lockdown, it was a little saddening to know that the routine of people, who without fail visit temple everyday is going to be affected. People used to go to temples everyday and spend most of their day’s time there. For most of us, the people of Karkala, our day started only after seeing Dhani and after taking his gandha and theertha. More so, after finishing all the works, be it office for few, be it household chores for the rest, the day ended by witnessing his raathri pooja, uthsava and Ekantha seva.

One can imagine how much traumatic the thought would be for so many when all this routine was required to be modified.

Whenever we feel distressed, our puranas written by Sri Vedavyas have always shown us the way. The puranas are said to be “Sanaathana” meaning- their thattvas/values/preaching are valid across times and places.

Of the 18 puranas written by Sri Vedavyas, Srimad Bhagavatha is one. It explains to us how  one can truly reach Lord, though in a chaotic lifestyle.

If one is finding difficulty in keeping up the devotion in this quarantine time and is searching for a way to keep intimately connected to Dhani, during this lockdown, the following  may be of rescue..

Of the 9 types of poojas that a person can render to Dhani, “Maanasika pooja” is the dearest for the Lord. Lord tells his parshadas himself as to how much he loves it when a bhaktha renders Maanasika pooja. Also, during Deva darshana in temple, the prominent sevaka of Dhani, Kala Bhairava has said that Dhani becomes ecstatic at Maanasika pooja as much as at Yajnya and other anushthana.

One can do this Maanasika pooja in his own sweet way.

Firstly, close your eyes and visualize the mangala-murthy of our Dhani, starting from his charana to kireeta (From His lotus feet to His crown). Be really slow, take all the time, concentrating on his every angaanga.

Then, drape him in your visuals with the most beautiful peethambara, any color of your choice. Apply gandha, chandana and other fragrances to his every angaanga.

Then, adore him with all possible abharanas, starting with anklets, armlet, bangles, hara, stone studded necklaces, and jewellery around his waist, any design of your choice.

Then, bring flowers, vanamalas, tulsi mala, put that on him. Have a look at him for a minute with all these. Don’t miss the chakranike mala and elakki mala of our Dhani.

Then, visualize keeping him naivedya. How many ever, how much ever, what ever you want. He says, he will lovingly accept even a leaf, a flower, a fruit or even some water, provided you give it with all the love. Well, you are visualizing, give him the best that you can.

Then make aarthi, for however long you want to. Feel him and complete the pooja.

This is how one can do a Maanasika pooja. Its the best way to feel Dhani, because, he is all inside us first, as much as he is in temple. He is in everything that you see, inspite the fact that every single thing on this universe is inside him. See him every where, in every one.

This time shall also pass, but, as rare as this opportunity is, let’s make the best use of this. If at all you have been waiting to start a habit of reading sahasranama/rama raksha stotra/ bhagavatha or anything else, don’t wait up, it’s the right time to get the habit inculcated in the routine.

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