Kamadahana and holi Festival-2011

The name kamadahana because Manmatha was destroyed by lord Shiva on Phalguna Purnima, and the day is celebrated as Kamadahana or Holi Festival.

In karkala, on the evening of Holi day we take a round of car street with the beat of drum called “Nagari” and singing a song along with teasing our own friends along either sides of the road. No one takes this seriously.

The lyrics of the song goes like this…

(Dhimsaliyo….!!! Dhimsaleniro Makkalella koodiro makkalella koodi kondu chennagi hadiro…Dhimsaliyo..
katte Katte Vyapara katte , Katteya mele vilyava kotte katteya mele Gopal Pai ya ……………….. )

This song was recorded when the crowd was approaching near to Gopal Pai’s house(a social worker)

Click to listen the song….
[cincopa AMPAOiaucR8S]

This day night a betelnut tree trunk is cut and is thrown up in the air and is caught as it comes down and is taken to the field belonging to temple(near Pai hall). This tree trunk is placed erect and fire is set to the stack of wood collected, the flames shoot up. When this is going on we play a game with coconut called ‘Teppangai’.


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