Puranas? What are they!?

They are stories-yes, the definition is as simple as that one. The difference is just that these stories, narrating the events of the past, are composed with extreme intelligence and empathy so as to show us a way to live a soulful life. The greatness of the maharshis of our land are clearly visible . . . → Read More: Puranas? What are they!?

Maanasika Pooja

In this period of lockdown, it was a little saddening to know that the routine of people, who without fail visit temple everyday is going to be affected. People used to go to temples everyday and spend most of their day’s time there. For most of us, the people of Karkala, our day started . . . → Read More: Maanasika Pooja

Lord’s Grace and experience of the devotees


1 : A sneak-peak into Manna-Gopura’s history

2 : Shiksheyinda Rakshe

3 : Bhakthavatsala and his devotee


1 of 3: A sneak-peak into Manna-Gopura’s history

Manna gopura is one of the important landmarks of Karkala. It was a seva the Lord had taken from the blessed family of Hegde’s. Sri Keshav Hegde of . . . → Read More: Lord’s Grace and experience of the devotees

Sahasra Kumbhabhisheka

. . . → Read More: Sahasra Kumbhabhisheka

Mahima of Dhani on Garuda

In Dashana seva, Kalabhairava said that Garuda, Lord’s vahana prays aharnisha to Lord to be seated on him. Thus Lord’s Pooja on the day before Punar prathishta was set to be on Garuda. It was the morning of the day before punar prathishta. The outer corridor of temple was flocking with many hundreds . . . → Read More: Mahima of Dhani on Garuda

Pashchima Jagara Pooja

||Akhila Vibudha Vandyam Vishwaroopam Suresham

Abhaya Varada Hastham Pankajaaksham Ramesham

Jaladhara nibhakaanthim Sri Maheebhyaam sametham

Parama Purushamaadhyam Venkatesham Namami||

Paschima Jagara puja is carried during the fourth month of Chaturmasya i.e from Vijayadashami (Ashweeja Shukla Dashami) to Karthika Shukla Ekaadashi. ‘Pashchima’ means ‘the last’/’the latter’. So, the . . . → Read More: Pashchima Jagara Pooja

Events at Sri Sukratheendra Balakashrama

Sri Sukratheendra Balakashrama

Punar Prathishta Mahotsava Invitation

. . . → Read More: Punar Prathishta Mahotsava Invitation

Nidhi Kalasha Programmes

06-June-2015: Saturday- Jyeshta Bahula Chauthi

Prarthana at 7.00 hours.

HHH Srimath Sayamindra Theertha Swamiji’s arrival at Karkala

Bhu varaha Homa, Vasthu Homa, Vasthu Bali, Brahmana Pooja

17.00 Hours (5 PM)- Shobhayatra Sri Padmavathi temple with all the holy elements to be inculcated in the Nidhi Kalasha

Corresponding Homas and the samskara of Nidhi kalasha elements.

. . . → Read More: Nidhi Kalasha Programmes

Jeernoddhara Programmes

As per the guidance of Parama poojya Guruvarya HHH Sudhindra theertha Swamiji and directions given by Lord Kala Bhairava during deva darshana seva, The following events have been planned in respect of Jeernoddhara

Balalaya Prathiste:

The next milestone towards much awaited Jeernoddhara of our temple is the event when the Lord enters Balalaya from the . . . → Read More: Jeernoddhara Programmes