Jeernoddhara Programmes

As per the guidance of Parama poojya Guruvarya HHH Sudhindra theertha Swamiji and directions given by Lord Kala Bhairava during deva darshana seva, The following events have been planned in respect of Jeernoddhara

Balalaya Prathiste:

The next milestone towards much awaited Jeernoddhara of our temple is the event when the Lord enters Balalaya from . . . → Read More: Jeernoddhara Programmes

Kanike collection for Nidhi Kalasha

As per the direction of Kala Bhairava during Deva Darshana on 2nd Feb 2015 , the Nidhi Kalasha Kanike Hundi will be kept at “Garuda Mantapa” in the noon, soon after the Maha Nivedya and till the closure of the temple after Madhyana Pooja. . . . → Read More: Kanike collection for Nidhi Kalasha

Jeernoddara and deva prashne

In  the Deva  Prashna held on Friday, 22.02.2013, it  has been said that before starting the work of Jeernoddara,some parihara activities are to be done and also it has been told to perform  Panchamritha Abhisheka every month on the day of Shravana Nakshatra(Nakshatra of Lord Srinivasa). So as per the Guidance of H . . . → Read More: Jeernoddara and deva prashne