Punar prathista Mahothsava

Pics of Punar prathista mahothsava

Jeernoddhara developments

Pics of Jeernoddhara work progress and karaveve

Dwara pooja

Pics of Dwara pooja which was held on 27-09-2015


Pics of Padukanyasa

Nidhikalasha Prathiste

Pics of Mratthika pura pravesha and Nidhi kalasha prathiste held on 07-06-2015

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    God Bless all those involved in Web-site development and down loading Photogrphas. Quality of Photographs is excellent. Even information mentioned in web-site is good. Once again with Best wishes & blessings.

    Om Namo Sri Venkateshaya.


    Quality of photographs is excellent. Even material published in web-site is good. God bless you and give more & more opportunity to all those who are involved in Web-site development and clicking/developing/loading divine photographs in the web-site, to do more Satkarmas and offer Sevas to Lord. Once again with Best Wishes and Blessings.

    Om Namo Sri Venakateshaya.

  • ramananda prabhu

    very nice images… God bless you for uploading this snap

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