Lord’s Grace and experience of the devotees

Ranjala Vasudev Shenoy was a Jaggery trader. In 1901, he was one among the volunteers of the group of people who would join Ramadandu Yathra. During the same time, he was blessed with a baby boy. As he still had few stillborn babies, the birth of another child made him rethink on joining the Ramadandu. With some excuse or the other, Mr. Shenoy decided to remain at Karkala. Just before the commencement of the “Ramadandu Yathra”, “Vittala”, his new born child contracted high fever which no treatment could cure. Frightened, Shenoy rushed to the temple at Devadarshana and fell prostrate before the lord. Kalabhairava asked, ” Vasudev Shenoy, you have already decided to remain in Karkala and carry the burden of your child. So what brings you here?”

“Lord, I crave Thy compassion. I forgot that the burden of the child is Thine. I forthwith rejoin Ramadandu”, replied Shenoy , who regretted for the mistake done by him. Kalabhairava reassured him and offered Gadhaprasad. Upon reaching home, Shenoy applied the prasad to the sick child. Within moments, the fever demminished and the child started sipping milk & was playing. Vasudev Shenoy was a picture of joy!

Before leaving for Ramadandu, the unsold stock of 500 mounds of Jaggery was bothering Shenoy as  it would incur him a loss of Rs. 200/- if he had sold it at that point of time. Banishing all his worries, he left for Ramadandu , surrendering himself at the lotus feet of the Lord. When he was back from the pilligrimage, he was wonder-struck to find that the rate of jaggery saaor by Rs. 14/- a mound after many years and also the entire stock of jaggery was unspoiled disite the rainy season. Shenoy stood to earn an additional profit of Rs. 750/- in this transaction. Often in his life Shenoy would cite this episode and exclaim, ” What more can I say than that it is Lord’s grace!”

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