Contact Information

                                         Address :  Sri Venkatramana Temple
                                                    Udupi District, Karnataka State,India
                                         Phone   :  08258-230311
Temple Address : Sri Venkataramana Temple

Karkala – 574 104

Udupi District, Karnataka State,INDIA

Phone : (08258) 230311
E.Mail : Presently not available

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  • Neethi Puranik


    I would like to know more about sevas and abhishekas which my husband and i can offer to Lord Venkataramana. We would like to do some small puja every month and as we currently reside in Dubai, we will not be able to attend the puja in person. Is there any option where we can do the same online, and the prasadam maybe mailed to our family in Chennai? I am looking forward to hearing more.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Neethi Puranik.

    • Hi,

      As of now, there is no online seva available. You can perform either Pavamana Abhisheka Seva or Phulla pooja(Flower archane) to Lord every month on your or spouse’s Janma nakshatra. Pavamana seva would be suitable for you and the charge for the seva will be around Rs. 120. You can contact the temple office to enquire on how to pay the amount or to which account you need the transfer the amount and you can also ask them to register your address for sending the prasadam through post.

      Office contact: +91 8258 230311

      Please let me know if you need any more information

      Regards, team

  • Ramesh Pai

    Shenoy maam

    I heard Karkal temple is under renovation. I would like to contribute a small amount for the renovation fund. Could you email me the bank account number and bank details (bank& account name, account number and branch name)?

    Thanks and Regards

  • Jui Bhat Honnavarkar


    I have heard that Karkala is a beautiful place. I may be visiting it in june 2015.
    I wanted to know whether we get rooms to stay in temple itself, as I am a g.s.b and would be staying alone in the city.
    Please kindly reply.
    Thanking you.

    -Jui Bhat

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